Wednesday, April 18, 2018

IMF talks out of both sides of its mouth.

The IMF is out telling the world that global debt is now sitting higher than it was just prior to the 2008 collapse. At the current record debt level of $164 trillion the world now has debt to global GDP of 225%.  In other words, just about the amount that is often a trigger for 3rd world shithole countries to begin the spiral into hyperinflation:

There is no room for complacency,” Vitor Gaspar, the IMF’s director of fiscal affairs, stressed at a news briefing on Wednesday... In the developed world, debt-to-GDP ratios are declining, with one exception: the U.S., where debt to GDP is expected to climb to 117% from 108% in 2023 (sic). In typical IMF diplomatic language, Gaspar voiced concerns about the Trump administration’s tax cuts and budget.

“Very high levels of debt together with rapidly increasing debt are known to be a risk to financial stability and broad economic activity,” he said. “That is why we emphasize in a cyclical upswing that it is finally time for countries to rebuild their fiscal buffers so they are prepared for harder times that eventually will come.”

What a crock of shit.  The IMF talking head wants to be on records that the end of the debt Ponzi draws near so that they can appear as an authority after the fact.  The grand advice we got is to use the fiscal upswing (that was created by the use of debt) to rebuild their fical buffers (i.e. pay down debts) so that there is dry powder left for when this whole corrupt fake money game collapses.  Don't you see?  They are saying to use the good times that debt built to pay down debt!!!  Fucking circular elitist illuminati logic.  If anyone stops taking on new debt in aggregate, the debt Ponzi will collapse.  With all this unpayable debt you can bet there are many big players that are already planning how their BK will unfold, who will be made the scapegoat and thrown under the bus, which bankers will be pushed off roof tops with the story that they just decided to walk off on their own, etc.  When talking about these kinds of dollar figures one has to be a clueless fool not to understand the level of planning and deceit that is taking place for the eventual collapse.
  • They know it is going to collapse.
  • It has not choice but to collapse because fake money has no intrinsic value.
  • Many who consider themselves to be rich but whose wealth is only in paper assets will be wiped out in an eye blink in the coming collapse. 
By the way, isn't IMF director Christine Lagarde simply one of the ugliest people you see in the news today?  This woman just makes my skin crawl to see her leather face.

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