Thursday, February 15, 2018

Are we princes or paupers?

WaPo reported reasonably fairly on Trump's plan to cut the cash payout of EBT/SNAP to those on the program.  As it is, they get vouchers accepted everywhere and they spend like cash with few exceptions.  Of course there are revenue hungry stores which have been caught ignoring the rules and selling alcohol and cigarettes for EBT.  Besides, even if you cannot spend EBT on these banned products, simply being able to use EBT for the approved products frees up cash that would normally have to be spent on eating / essentials.  And so no matter how you slice it, EBT ends up supporting the sale of the banned items. And EBT is being funded by national debt because, let's face it, the nation is broke and getting broker each month.

Nobody wants to see Americans starving in the streets no matter how useless of a human being they have decided to be.  Now that might sound harsh but it makes me angry to see perfectly healthy men and women panhandling on every street corner in Austin.  With unemployment at record lows, anyone who wants a job can have a job.  But that means keeping regular working hours, not using heroin or meth on the job, etc.  Since people have found that holding a paper sign on the road side enables them to eat and to otherwise live their lives as they wish, the streets are teeming with useless parasite people.  But still, I do not want to see these people starve to death.  Neither do I, however, wish to see the nation go into economic collapse trying to save those who obviously don't give a shit about themselves or have a modicum of self respect.

So when Trump says he wants to slash virtual EBT cash in half and give people actual food instead in an effort to save on program cost, I think it is absolutely right headed.  Yes, that does mean that EBT users (some small percentage of them really have no other choice) and losers (a much larger percentage than liberals are willing to admit) will no longer be able to shop at high end Whole Paycheck/Amazon foods.  And yes, the "America's Harvest" brand will certainly not be anything fancy.  It will look and taste just exactly like what it is: starvation avoidance rations. 

Of course, this same food would have been a prized possession for solders in wars like Vietnam where MREs made up a big part of the meal plan.  And yes, our fighters do deserve better than street corner panhandlers even if I do not always agree on what they are fighting for.  The men and women of the military are, from my personal experience in working and living with them, mostly good and honorable people.  In fact, most are better behaved in the military because of the threat of double jeopardy with the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) as well as civilian laws.

Trump's plan to slash EBT cash is perfectly sound.  Without killing the parasitic recipients of these social safety net benefits, Trump both cuts cost AND reduces the desirability of being on the program given that the food will not taste as good as the top brands that can be bought with EBT.  This will serve as incentive to go get employment that allows eating better food.  Yes, EBT should send a form of punishment food to its recipients so that they get what they need without getting what they want so that they get off the program as soon as they possibly can.  Liberals, who think that debt based government largess can last forever, will hate me for saying these things.  But true conservatives will see my words for what they actually are: unvarnished truth.

Crazy kid shoots up schools. So let's all be punished for it by being disarmed!!

Another mass school shooting happens and the public clamors for something to be done about it.  "We need more gun control" say the liberals.  But there are plenty of gun laws in place already and none of them stopped this murder spree.  And this boy was already identified to the FBI as a person who seemed unstable.  It's almost like they left him in the game so that he could snap and cause carnage that would get the stupid and ignorant among us to beg big government to get even more powerful by disarming the population.

Well something should indeed be done about it but disarming the population will only disarm those who willingly give up their own self defense and outsource it to a police state which cannot be around when you need it.  Ask yourself, where were the cops when Kiddo Krazy was shooting up the place and murdering 17 people?  Answer: nowhere where they could save anyone.  That is not going to change just because government disarms the populace.  And neither will the mass killings.  There are just too many ways to kill people.  In places where guns are outlawed mass killings still occur using knives, cars, trucks and bombs.  If someone wants to go postal on society they will find a way to go postal.

The boy in question is reported to have been on prescription mind altering drugs (i.e. antidepressants or anti anxiety drugs), something that seems to be common among the mass shooters and which many believe to be a prescription for mass shootings.  But nobody wants to talk about that.  And what about first person shooter VR games that desensitize young minds to the horrors of taking other people's lives?  NOPE, no action there.  All the focus is on using these tragedies to grab guns from the hands of honest and hard working people who do not wish to outsource their personal security to a police force that is as likely to shoot the 911 caller as the criminal.

The use of fake money globally has pushed the herd off center opening the door for extreme opinions and actions and mind altering prescription drugs seem to be the kicker for going crazy about it.  The wealth divide is felt by all and there will always be some wackos at the dangerous end of the Gaussian distribution.  Nobody is going to change that with laws.  It would be much more effective to revert to an honest (or more honest) money supply backed by gold (and some day this will happen regardless of what anyone wants simply because there will be little other choice).

In the meantime, we have to expect that there will be an increasing number of those whose minds are squirming like a toad.  I used this exact phrase years ago in these pages to describe the end days of the global debt Ponzi.  I warned that it would become too much for many weak minds to endure and that it would lead to erratic behavior and civil unrest.  You are simply not going to win this kind of distributed domestic terrorism model using a centralized defense like police. EACH PERSON MUST STEP UP to be responsible for their own personal security.  Teachers need to be trained and armed in the classroom and I mean wearing it on their hip.  This will tell attackers that schools are no longer easy pickings for mass shootings.

The Florida school shooting is tragic but events like it were predictable and predicted.  Trying to disarm people like me because of it won't work for two reasons:

- those who want to do crime will not give up their arms or will find black market ways to get guns when they want to kill OR will use other means to do their dirty work.

- those who do not want to do crime (like me) will not give up their guns without a gun battle.  You want to criminalize me by legislating an override to the 2nd amendment?  Great, just be forewarned that it will result in another revolution.  Molan labe, my friends. If you want my guns, come and take them if you can.  In the words of Charlton Heston if you want my guns you can pry them from my cold, dead hands.

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