Friday, December 15, 2017

Sexual harrassment witch hunts.

It is absolutely comical the way that liberals in both the GOP and DEM parties as well as liberal factions of society like Hollywood have come crashing to Earth in the wake of a massive wave of sheeple coming forward with their sexual harassment claims of 5, 10, 20 or more years ago.   In some cases the accusers were real victims.  In other cases they were just people who decided to whore themselves out at the time in order to achieve their life goals and now live in remorse about it.  I recently read an article where the woman said the guy "used his power" to get what he wanted.  By that of course she simply meant that he gave her terms: "Whore yourself out to me and I will help you get ahead.  But if you don't then I won't help you.  You will be on your own.".  That lack of special treatment in absence of sexual payment is what they are calling harassment these days.  In most cases I read about, the accused did not go after the accuser in a negative way; instead they just withheld special treatment.  There are exceptions as in this story where the woman was accused of firing the guy in a past job for his failure to sleep with her  but most of the time there is no negative backlash for not complying; there is simply no positive benefit which could have been exchanged for the favor of sex.

Again, I have no sorrow for people who, when presented with the option to disgrace themselves in order to further their careers, take said option and then decide to complain later because the eventual rewards did not crack up to expectations.  While I was working for AMD I was a stand out fighter of the good old boy system.  I was told that I needed to go along to get along.  The exact words used on me by my useless crony boy manager when trying to get me to side with the useless political crowd were, "there be dragons out there" (I still feel like punching his lights out when I recall that meeting...).  I knew he was right but cronyism is just not in my DNA.  I could simply not whore myself out like that and so during the big collapse of 2008 they got rid of me and my whole team calling me "too strategic".  That was just a few months after having gotten the prestigious AMD President's Award for the work I was doing.  

So yeah, I got fucked for sticking to my principles but at least I didn't have to lower my standards and live life like the greasy, shitty politicians which thrive in many large corporate environments.  It was definitely a financial hit though.

Quoting the article linked above, "Meredith Kelly, the communications director of the D.C.C.C., said in an emailed statement: “Members and candidates must all be held to the highest standard. If anyone is guilty of sexual harassment or sexual assault, that person should not hold public office.”"  You know, I have to agree with her.  And I think it should hold true for both GOP and dem.   So I hereby claim that by being completely corrupt and thus fucking the American people, all current politicians should be required to step down from their positions and give up their lifetime pensions paid for by the victims, namely, we the people.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Jail time over shark dragging is shark jumping.

In the news recently is the prospect of jail time for some yay-hoos who caught a shark and then dragged it to death behind their boat.  The social media calls it animal abuse, shocking, disturbing, EIEIO M-O-U-S-E.  Here is the vid.  It clearly shows some guys laughing at the shark being bounced around behind the boat.  For this grand offense against the planet, they are being investigated for criminal charges that could land them in jail.

First let me say that male children often have a sadistic streak that can pop out every now and again.  Some do mean things to their pets, some take it too far and cause harm to the animals.  But most of the time the abuse is something mean but essentially without physical harm like throwing ice water on a dog or tying a fire cracker on a string to his tail.  I don't advocate any of this kind of childish crap but this is not something that you can legislate out of a population.  These young men were acting like children, no doubt.  But jailing them is going to do far greater harm than good.  Liberals always want to make an example out of someone else while they themselves are secretly doing worse things.

We live in a society where men and women with briefcases and titles happily work in government where they send drones to kill entire wedding or funeral parties in order to kill one guy (whose crime might simply be that he knows too much about the rife internal corruption of our government).  Where is the outcry over the slaughter of these humans?  Liberals don't seem to care.  But when some fools drag a stupid shark along the water for some stupid idea of excitement, all the liberals are up in arms and wanting "social justice".  For a fucking shark!

I personally have done a lot of fishing.  I want to admit my crimes that I have indeed killed, and, gulp, eaten fish many many times.  When I had them on the hook I also admit that I sometimes high fived with my friends for having made the catch.  Those fish I caught must have felt some pain.  And of course, all of them ended up dead!  What a rotten criminal I must be for having done this!!  I will also admit that more than once while fishing for game fish my line has been taken by fish that I do not eat, like barracuda.  While I try to live-release them I will admit that sometimes the fight will kill a high performance fish like a barracuda.  And while I have not been known to waste gasoline dragging the dead fish behind my boat, neither do I feel much of any remorse for the death of the fish.  Probably because its just a fish!  I guess the fact that I don't break down to my knees and sob for the forgiveness of Mother Gaia that makes me a monster and criminal charges should apply according to fake do-gooder liberals.

In this short vid we see some tuna fishermen dragging a massive bluefin tuna beside their boat.  The once majestic tuna is either dead (with a gaff through the head or a flying gaff through the body) or rapidly dying.  In my book 100 sharks are not worth that one beautiful massive tuna.  But you can clearly hear the glee and laughter from those participating in this epic crime. Why aren't these guys going to jail for this shocking, despicable, horrendous act?  Is the fact that they killed it to sell its meat and keep parts of its body as a trophy somehow a defense?  They are dragging this tuna!!  This tuna is for sure dying!  They are laughing!  How is this combination of death, destruction, torture and disrespect for the animal all that different from the dragged shark?

In other words, if you found yourself brainwashed by the media trying to vilify the shark draggers then you need to wake the Fuck up and start living in the real world.  The sooner the better.

By the way, anything you post online can and will be used against you by a system which wants desperately to distract an awakening public from all the dirty shit that has been going on in liberal Hollywood, liberal government, liberal business and liberal military adventurists for the past 50 years.  Try not to be a tool of the manipulators without being afraid to tell the truth.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Trump un-invites LBGTQ

It should come as no surprise to my readers that the new conservatism is taking real form in the Trump administration.  Not that Trump is conservative, he's not.  But he is a showman and he does know how to play for the crowd.  So if his peeps don't care about LBGTQEIEIOMOUSE then neither does he have to.  And so he has uninvited them from his Christmas party which will, incidentally, not feature creep rainbow lights across the white house.

These things seems small and individually they are small.  But over time they add up.  It's like having a favorite son who you praise and follow and attend his sporting events and give him the better presents on birthdays, etc.  They all seem petty small things but then you find out at the end that he has become the sole inheritor of the big will.  It's the same with government favoritism.  Not long ago the IRS got busted for stacking the deck against conservatives.  Sometime in the future we are going to see just the opposite happening.

I personally wish government had no power to pick winners and losers but as long as everyone keeps accepting their fake money in exchange for their goods and labor the government is going to stay in charge and it will retain the ability to corruptly and purposefully tilt the playing field one way or the other.  Right now things are still so kiltered to the liberal side that I do not mind seeing some force applied to reverse this trend.  But I would like to see that force stop when there is a fair balance again and I'm quite sure that this is not going to happen.  When liberals had the upper hand they played it too damned hard in the face of conservatives and so to think there will not be any overshoot the other way is to not understanding anything at all.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Fake political correctness is gone.

Watch this entertaining video as Chairman of the Pa. House State Government Committee Rep. Daryl Metcalfe politely and respectfully but firmly tells obvious flamer Democratic Chairman Matt Bradford to stop touching him.  Metcalfe goes so far as to call obviously gay Matt Bradford gay and tells him to keep his gay touches to his side of the aisle where they might be more welcome.  Gay Bradford acts all shocked and surprised that real men do not like to be gay touched like that and that they would have the balls to clearly but respectfully call his gay ass out on the matter.

Some people will look at this video and say "homophobe overreacted". Metcalfe obviously knew this was going to be played on him so he immediately created another vid to explain that this was not the first time that Bradford had been touching him.  So the facts are that Bradford had actually showed a good deal of tolerance leading up to the point where it just had to be made to stop once and for all.
Many people are brainwashed by the last 40-50 years of rising liberalism such that they have forgotten the concept of respecting other people's personal space.  Liberals believe they are entitled to do whatever they want and that questioning them for it is some kind of social sin.  But when someone touches you like that it is an attempt to disarm you and show fake comradeship.  That kind of gentle clasping and holding move is what a man might do to a boy or a woman who is speaking out when they should be silent.  Real men do not accept that kind of move being put on them by other men. 

While I think that gay people have the right to be gay and to live their life their way free of people like me telling them what to do and how to live, this freedom ends when it steps on the rights of another.  My personal space is mine and I do not like it when people stand in my face, put their hand in my face or touch me like Metcalfe was being touched.  Call it an overreaction if that is the only excuse you can come up with but I could just as easily characterize it as unwanted sexual advances.  Those moves are EXACTLY the kind of thing you see in corporate training vids that teach people about the subtle ways that people can be feel sexually harassed.  Check out this link that discusses inappropriate touching in the workplace:


Other than overt grabbing or pinching of breasts, groin, or buttocks (which most would agree constitute sexual harassment), there are other forms of physical contact should be avoided at work, including:
  • Hugging
  • Kissing (even on the cheek)
  • Stroking
  • Massaging
  • Back-patting
  • Hair-ruffling
  • Handshakes held too long
  • Linking arms
  • Light (or otherwise) slapping of the buttocks
  • Hip bumping
  • Putting an arm around someone’s shoulders or a hand on their arm
  • Holding someone’s hand
  • Poking or pointing with a finger
Note that this list applies regardless of gender.

In the past when liberalism was running things, people would have put up with the abuse but those days are over.  Fake political correctness is gone now.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Will Michael Flynn take a fall for the gipper?

Ex-Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn has just plead guilty to the FBI for making false statements.  These are very serious charges which carry big penalties.  If there is one thing that the elite hate more than anything, it's wasting their lives in prison.  So the FBI now has a songbird that it can squeeze to get it to sing.

The recent news suggests that he has also accepted a deal from the FBI in exchange for his plea.  A deal, that is, to tell the truth, the full truth and nothing but the truth about where the skeletons are buried.  These skeletons might have nothing to do with the Russia scandal.  That is probably what the FBI is working at here: start pulling on a thread to see if the whole sweater comes unraveled.

Again, this is how all organized crime syndicates eventually come tumbling down.  Will Flynn be the one to start the avalanche?  That remains to be seen.  But someone will and when it happens it will come as a major shock to most people.

Don't be surprised if Flynn winds up dead while in custody. 

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Perhaps the biggest crash alarm I have ever seen on Bitcoin...

When people get wildly emotional about a financial asset trouble is not far away.  Just read the drivel that counts as "news" on Yahoo finance. 

  • "Owning bitcoin is so much damn fun".
  • "If the party never ends, it doesn’t really matter if you show up late."
  • "there have been a lot of nauseating declines, and every one of them has been followed, eventually, by a rebound to new highs. This could go on for a while."
  • "even if bitcoin collapses and I lose everything, it will have been a delightful and rewarding experience"
How does such emotional, useless, pointless drivel become a link on Yahoo finance?  What a freaking joke.  Smart people are saying bitcoin is a fraud but Mark and Patsy think it is "fun" to own.

Just unbelievable.  This is how wacky-positive, kan't-lose nothing can go wrong the investor mood is right now.  The mood is at all time highs.  All I know is that all the stocks in the market are actually worthless regardless of their current dollar price and at some point those who have bought into the stock con will rue the day they ever heard of the stock market.

What are intangible assets really worth?

Its been a very busy time for me with vacation back to back to two business trips so my legacy blog has suffered as a result.  This will last another week before I can really get back to posting here. 

I did see one story that I wanted to comment quickly on.  My position on paper assets has been made clear over and over again throughout the years which is that all of them are just paper claims on something that may or may not be real.  But even if that something is real, the claim is basically worthless until tendered.  This is true regardless of the asset type or who issues it (dollars, stocks, bonds, cereal box tops, green stamps, etc.).  All paper assets and digital assets are an illusion.  When then bottom drops out, Mark and Patsy, who both think very highly of their own "it's different this time" opinions (despite not having done even a fraction of the research and writing that I have done on these matters) will stop rolling their eyes at me and instead wish they had listened.

Before a big earthquake we often get smaller quakes. In the fake money realm there was recently an incident where the 2nd largest cryptocurrency, Etherium, plummeted from over $300 down to less than $1 in single day before recovering just as quickly.  Even more recently we are seeing that two of the largest Bitcoin exchanges crashed at the same time causing difficulty for people trying to sell.  These are all signs of a very unstable public which doesn't know what is up and what is down.  Its got to be some kind of mass brainwashing but I'm telling you right now it will end badly.

If you have a paper claim on something, you have in fact nothing until that claim is redeemed and you receive the physical item that the claim entitles you to.  Your accounting entry means nothing in a crisis.

There is in fact nothing new under the sun except the history you don't know.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Wow, the stars just keep falling out of the sky.

Louis CK has been one of the most successful and sought after stand up comics of the past decade.  But now the liberal tide has gone out and he has been caught skinny dipping.  Like many Hollywood liberals, CK is a sexual deviant according the the news on what he has been accused of doing.  I don't care to repeat it here because its not important to my point. 

What is important is what is happening and the speed at which it is unfolding is truly historic.  Folks, step back and think about the level of iconoclasm that is taking place globally.  First we saw the Duck Dynasty win out over liberal A+E and I took that as a major sign of things to come and also predicted that the events would speed up exponentially in time and in important.  Then, also as I predicted, Hillary lost and it wasn't even close.  Then Cosby got busted for rape and now a huge number of liberal Hollywood perverts, some with very big names and star power are going down in flames.  Add to that the current historic political eruption as Saudi royal family are being rounded up for corruption like they were redneck bar room drunks.  Their homes are being raided and they are being led off in cuffs.

Folks, these are not small deals.  They are freaking huge.  They are Earth shattering.  Nobody in the world is not seeing this and it is sending a huge 3rd wave message to the herd: your past sins will leap up out of the closet and take you down in an eye blink.  Rampant corruption and illegal behavior is no longer going to be protected by the establishment. The herd wants heads to roll and heads are freaking rolling.

This is a warning that goes well past the things we can see today.  This is the beginning of the unraveling of major US conspiracies including, as I have always said it would during the end times of the global debt Ponzi, the truth about what really happened during 9-11.  Even the recent Vegas shooting is now being looked at by many in the media like something is wrong with the official story and a very, very important question is now being asked of the police: are you complicit or just incompetent?  This is also huge because it used to be that someone would accuse the cops of being corrupt and their leadership would deny it and so the media would say, well I guess there's your answer.  But those days are over.  The hard questions are being asked now.  As I said, expect a massive return and resurgence of investigative reporting.  The herd wants to hear true dirt, not fake news, not happy talk, but true and proven corruption stories.  It wants to observe the prosecution and punishment that goes along with it.  Conservatives are tired of being Mr. Nice Guy and then apparently falling behind because they would join into the lie-cheat-steal-pedo trend of liberals. 

It's like the next door neighbor who has a shit job and who is not very smart but he lives in a nice house with a big mortgage.  The neighbor puts in a big pool on credit.  The neighbor drives a nice car that he can barely make the monthly payment on and he parties all the time on his credit card.  It can be very difficult for conservative savers to watch all this going down and then look in the mirror each day and see themselves getting older and weaker without having all the fun that they could have had if they would just set aside their moral principles and join the liberals.  So what we are now seeing is the revenge of the conservatives.  We are seeing people finally get justice for their acts.  This is going to spread to all aspects of society.  Eventually it will collapse the stock market as well.  The gamblers are all going down in a fiery ball and those who have been avoid the corrupt markets will be watching it with satisfaction.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Etrade is "too busy" to let me enter more market shorting orders.

I'm building a short position against the markets right now.  I suspect I am not the only one.  But what I didn't expect was for Etrade's crap-ass web site to tell me that its too BUSY to take my orders.  Oh, when you think of it again please do check back with us and maybe we will have our heads out of our collective asses by then.

Good thing I also have a TDAmeritrade account because if left to rely on shitty ass Etrade this is what I guess I can expect.  I do find the timing of this business very interesting as this is the first time I have ever in my life seen it from Etrade.

A$$hole Biden acts like the presidency was his for the taking.

Here is an amusing story where Biden says "I regret that I am not president".  The implication is that if he had just decided to put the country above the love of his family that he would have won the presidency.

First let me make something clear: Biden is an obvious elitist pedo.  Everyone knows it.  Look at his hands on the children and look at the reactions of those involved.  What must they have been thinking to make those faces?  Even the children pulled away from his groping.  What would you be thinking if "Stranger Danger" creepo Biden was left alone in a room with your children?

Biden was never going to win the presidency.  The herd could not put up with more hyper liberalism.  I can say this with authority because I was one of the very, very few who were convinced early on that Hillary could not possibly win and stated it clearly.  When others were fearful, I was not.  This is a matter of public record and it should serve to give my views weight that not every member of the herd can claim right to.  No I'm sorry, not everyone's opinions and views are correct or right minded despite the fact that everyone believes their opinion is just as valid as everyone else's (as if such a thing were a human right, etc.).  It's not.  Respect for one's views must be earned and the greatest respect is historically awarded to those whose views initially seem so impossible to happen yet in fact things play out as predicted.  This is not mean as a brag but rather as plain talk about facts of life.  Liberals will be offended by it but conservatives will say, "yeah, that's just common sense if you think about it".

Biden is a flaming liberal pedophile a$$hole.  He had no chance of winning in 2016 and his weak posturing of late to position himself for a 2020 run will also fall flat.
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