Monday, August 21, 2017

USS Fitzgerald vs. ACX Crystal: the verdict is in.

When reporting on the recent tragedy that occurred between the US warship USS Fitzgerald and the container ship ACX Crystal, I wrote, "...while the media acts like there needs to be a big investigation to determine who is to fault, I can settle the matter for you easily.  The Fitzgerald was in the wrong.".  This was not a guess.  There are maritime rules regarding right of way when two boats are approaching each other and the Crystal was clearly the stand on vessel approaching from the starboard beam and being of poor steerage due to her size and weight.  The Fitzgerald was clearly the hold off vessel due to its location to the left of the Crystal and also having much more maneuverability and speed.  If the Crystal had been intentionally trying to ram the Fitzgerald, there is no way it could have done so if the crew were on its toes.  The Fitz is just faster and more maneuverable.

Of course during the liberal years everything was a cover up, a cover story, lack of personal accountability, etc.  The public would be told that everyone was operating under department guidelines, and this was an act of G_d, etc.  That's just how liberals work.  But as we swing more conservative there will in an increasing focus on personal accountability up and down the line. 

And so, today's news shows that the Captain of the Fitz has been relieved of command along with his XO and the Chief Petty Officer.  In addition, 12 others face nonjudicial punishment for having had their heads up their asses instead of taking their jobs seriously.  These are pretty stiff actions, as they should be seeing how this negligence cost seven US servicemen their lives outside of wartime.  But the good news is that it's not being covered up or played down.  The military is being transparent about the outcome of the investigation and those responsible, including the top command of the boat who are in fact responsible for everything that happens on the boat, are being held accountable.

This action will send a message not only to the military but to other government agencies where people come in harms way including the FBI and CIA.  The message is that if you f-up you will not have any air cover from the establishment.  You will be tossed under the bus where you belong right along with Cmdr. Bryce Benson; the executive officer of the Fitz, Cmdr. Sean Babbitt; and Master Chief Petty Officer Brice Baldwin.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Why did Ross stores [ROST] pop last Friday 10%?

Ross stores shares (ticker:ROST) popped 10.67 last Friday and Zach's was out in force explaining it to us in this article.  Of course I don't listen to any of this because more reliable answers are found in my Elliott wave models.  The real reason this popped is because after 5 waves down the herd will recover/retrace/correct upward in three waves. 

So here's a little test.  Zach's told us why they think something happened after it happened.

I'm telling you what will likely happen before it happens.  And If my model is right then I guess Zach's news really didn't matter because it should not rally one day and then collapse to a lower low over the next month.  But that is what I think will happen before it happens. 

Let's see who is right about this.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Obama liberal shark jump is over.

Forget the antics of president Trump and his attackers.  Look at how the rules are being changed quietly and behind the scenes.  Today's evidence point is the roll back of an Obama administration attempt to use the banking system as a political weapon against legit gun and ammo dealers by placing the equivalent of economic sanctions against them for not buying into his idea that only government should own guns and the rest of us should be left defenseless to the likes of his whims.  Obama was a flat out traitor.

The best thing that could ever have happened to the USA was for Hillary to lose the election. If you think the unrest is bad now, you would not want to see would it could be like if Hillary were in charge using her new position as royalty to outlaw private gun ownership and going door to door trying to collect them.  That could easily have been the trigger for the breakout of the USA in a massive civil war.  The liberals right now are mad because their free lunch is over.  I understand them.  I would be mad too if I was counting on making my way through life at the expense of someone else only to find that the plan collapsed before I got my share of the Ponzi Payout.

But let's not compare that to what would happen if someone was to go door to door collecting guns from real conservative law abiding people.  I tell you that the gloves would come off and there would be running gun battles in the streets of these United States.  I for one had and have no intention of allowing anyone to disarm me without an exchange of force and I am quite sure I would not be the only one with that mindset, not even close.  There would be at least several million like me in the USA.  Good luck fighting that.

Live and let live but if that doesn't work watch the heck out for plan B.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Washington insider Patrick Buchanon sees potential for second civial war

Remember years ago when I was writing about what the collapse of the global debt Ponzi could lead to?  That's right civil unrest and even civil war.  This post from 2011 might be worth it for you to re-read as it summarizes the real reasons we got here.  Nobody is talking about the underlying root cause of the problem which is that we all labor globally under a fake money supply.

Today the headlines from Newsmax read that Pat Buchanan sees the backdrop in place for a 2nd civil war.  Of course like most pundits, he blames the symptoms instead of focusing on the root cause.  While it is true that political partisanship has never been more active or more violent in the US than it is today, political partisanship is a symptom not a root cause.

Folks, we were set up for this a long time ago by those who are running this shit show.  They know what they are doing because they have done it to us over and over and over again throughout society.  It WILL end badly unless we the people stop our infighting and instead focus our anger on the elite con men who have pit us against each other for the scraps falling from their tables.  NOTHING and I means not a thing will change until we throw the Mammon money back in their faces and return to an honest money supply using gold and silver which does not allow fractional reserve banking. 

It is not enough just to return to commodity money because the biggest component of our money supply is not fiat money.  It's debt.   The debt is 10-30x more than the monetary base.  So returning to a gold standard or even to physical gold as money again will not really fix the underlying problem which is that fractional reserve banking is a fucking scam.

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies... If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around(these banks) will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."

Wake up people.   Stop hating your fellow countrymen.  They are just people like you and our country was founded on freedom of speech and of thought.  The angst is not being caused by what the next guy says or does as long as he doesn't hurt anyone physically.  Speech of all kinds is a protected right in the US so its too damned bad if you don't like what someone else is saying because they don't like what you are saying just as much.  Stop wasting your short little lives on hating with a war of words.  The real problem is that prosperity has peaked in the US and the herd is nervous about the future (which it has every right to be).  But this prosperity is not peaking because of some damned statute of a dead guy that has been standing for 100 years.  Its peaking because the fraudulent money supply is a fucking debt Ponzi that was ALWAYS going to blow up at some point.  That is what Jefferson warned us about so many years ago and in very clear terms.

So calm down and stop being angry at your fellow puppet, Mark and Patsy.  The real enemies are the puppet masters and the puppet string is the fake money supply. 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

The police cannot protect us from life.

The UK Sun reported on the disgusting terror attack on pedestrians by ISIS soldiers on the sidewalks of Barcelona.  After ramming into a crowd killing 13 and injuring 80, the terrorists were allowed to flee on foot where the "brave" officers killed 1 and arrested 2 others involved in the terror attack.

I say again, why do the cops have a monopoly on security??  Why can't the people all be armed and then defend themselves when the terror is happening instead of letting it all play out and having the cops mop up the mess after the fact?  Talk about shutting the barn door after the horses have escaped!

And to make it worse, once the cops get involved they are like a secondary terror force.  These people in the picture below were not impacted or traumatized by the actual terror even and so the cops, in order to prove to everyone that they are in control (even when it is plainly obvious that they are not in control) push innocent bystanders around and treat them all like terror suspects making them raise their hands, get frisked, etc.   Gee, thanks police!  The real terror wasn't terrifying enough.  Now the victims have to be re-victimized just so your egos get stroked.  What a bunch of crap.  Let the people defend themselves using force of arms and the only ones that would be terrified would be the terrorists.